Welcome to Four Fathers Distillery in Jacksonville

Four Fathers Distillery

Producer of HardBrews©, Rums and Vodkas from fruit, grain or molasses to bottle onsite at our Jacksonville Florida Distillery. We also contract produce bulk and bottle for other small and large distilleries.

BLACK COPPER RUMS from Florida the #1 Producer of Sugarcane in the United States. Aged in 53-gallon American White Oak barrels previously used for Rye and Bourbon Barrels.

FOUR FATHERS and WHITE STILL VODKAS from fresh squeezed local fruits (strawberries, blueberries, oranges, grapefruit, etc.), local Raw Honey and Grains such as red wheat, white wheat, blue corn, white corn, yellow corn, barley, rye and more.

HardBrews© Nothing like it. We take local micro-brews and homebrewers beers and turn them into Whiskies and Vodkas. These are very limited and specialty requested products so please feel free to contact us and request a production. Every two weeks we will determine, based on request, the beer with the most popular request and use that beer in the production of our next HardBrew©. Those on the contact list will be contacted first when the product is ready for Tastings and Pickup.

Real Vodka, Rum, & Hardbrews©

Juiced – Fermented – Distilled – Bottled

We are a GENUINE producer of VODKA, RUM & HARDBREWS©. From grain to bottle, fruit to bottle, honey, sugarcane juice & molasses to bottle, our spirits are produced in Jacksonville, Florida and are the only ones in the world finished in an ALL GLASS STILL. We never use additives or added flavorings. This ensures our spirits capture the natural essence associated with each raw material when it’s at its peak of perfection.

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    Tours and Tastings

    Tour & Tastings

    Tours and Tastings

    The Four Father’s Experience

    If you’d like to know more about us or our process, feel free to contact us for a personal tour. Call ahead or send us an email since we are primarily a manufacturing site and we would need to set the time aside to devote all our attention to you to give you and your team the full experience. We’d love to show you around and let you sample our products. For those who are really ‘spirited,’ we also offer a ‘hands-on’ experience where you can reserve a bottle from a batch you help produce.