About Four Fathers Distillerys

Our Story

Four Fathers Distillery was born out of the love of spirit making and to be frank the love of rum. Using our own techniques and drawing on over 24 years of experience from our local expert Tim Daniels who brings over 24 years of expertise from Bacardi Rum to deliver innovative exceptional high quality rums and vodkas. We’ve crafted rums, vodkas and brandies that are true masterpieces, at least we thinks so. Each handmade spirit is produced using local raw materials whenever possible. Fermented and distilled on-site in our Jacksonville, Florida distillery.

The Distillery & Process

Four Fathers Distillery spirits are crafted from start to finish onsite at our distillery in Jacksonville, Florida. Located on nearly two acres in the heart of Jacksonville our 8,000-square foot building houses our fermentation, distilling, tasting room, merchandise and sales area, as well as our sister company, LiquidProofSpirits, LLC. In the future, we hope to add two aging warehouses and additional still houses on our campus. We only use locally-sourced raw materials whenever possible to create our genuine, one-of-a-kind vodkas, rums and other spirits.

If you’d like to know more about us or our process, feel free to contact us for a personal tour. Call ahead since we are primarily a manufacturing site we would need to set the time aside to devote all our attention to you to give you and your team the full experience. We’d love to show you around and let you sample our products. For those who are really ‘spirited,’ we also offer a ‘hands-on’ experience where you can reserve a bottle from a batch you help produce.

The Laboratory

LiquidProofSpirits, LLC, a full-service analytical laboratory, is housed within Four Fathers Distillery. This allows us to produce consistent product from batch-to-batch using the sophisticated analytical instruments that are typically only found in multi-million dollar companies.

Eco Friendly Spirits

Four Fathers Distillery is one of the nation’s only solar thermal distilleries. We use the Florida sun as the energy to aid in the heating of our stills to produce our spirits. Our sun aged aging process helps finish off our clear spirits, helping both the environment, and our spirits to develop their unique taste. We also capture all of our rinse water and recycle it onto our two-acre campus located near the heart of Jacksonville, Florida.