Four Fathers Presents The Patriot Vodka

The Patriot Vodka

Dedicated to the men and women who have faithfully served and currently serve this GREAT country, protecting the LIBERTIES and FREEDOM we cherish.

The Patriot Vodka is handmade in small batches in our military-proud city of Jacksonville, Florida. Fermented and distilled using a proprietary blend of 100% grain consisting of RED wheat, WHITE corn and BLUE corn. These grains, along with our process, capture the naturally soft, smooth and fruity characteristics liberated by each grain.

The Patriot is a truly genuine hand-crafted POT STILL vodka with just the right amount of character to give the consumer that slight naturally sweet, smooth and soft taste with hints of those fruity notes only produced when a fermentation and distillation work together in harmony.

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The Patriot Vodka – Taste the Difference

Taste the Difference

Taste the difference a REAL POT STILL VODKA possesses versus that of a vodka produced on an industrial column. It costs a lot more to produce a pot still vodka, but we think it is worth it. REAL POT STILL VODKA.